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Social Media Optimization

The world of social media marketing is exciting, fast paced, technical, and consistently changing. It is also very challenging and time consuming.

Social media Optimization > Social Media Marketing

At Dinomite SEO we take a different approach to this social media phenomenon. We only relate it to how it will grow your business.

Here’s our philosophy.

Social media optimizationSocial media optimization ties directly into a content marketing and an inbound lead generation strategy. Let’s make it easy for your target customers to find you when they are ready to purchase rather than interrupt Facebook and Twitter users with irrelevant content.


How Does Social Media Optimization Work?


  1. Assess which social media profiles may be relevant to your business.
  2. Customize social profiles with applications, custom graphics, and more.
  3. Strategize on the frequency and content of posts.
  4. Link social sharing buttons to your content. Allow your customers to share your value.
  5. Implement Google Authorship for blog post recognition and personalized search results.
  6. Target relevant niche communities to socialize with.
  7. Leverage organic link building opportunities via photos, text, and content.

Example: Health club’s should encourage personal trainers to become active on Thumbtack.com.¬†Thumbtack.com holds top positions for local searches related to personal trainers in almost any city.

Strategize —> Implement —> Analyze —> Optimize

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