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Character Animation

Custom Character Animation

The statistics don’t lie. Customers are 85% more likely to purchase your product or service after watching a character product video. Why is this? Well character videos are entertaining, evoke positive emotion, and deliver a message that is stickier then any other piece of virtual content.

At Dinomite SEO we have a team of video production experts with extensive knowledge, skills, and experience scripting and producing animated character videos. Our videos feature custom graphics, logos, a unique script, and use professional voice actors to deliver a shockingly refresh message. Your website will transform from a dull block of writing to an intriguing and curious solution as soon as you add character animation to your site.

Character Animation Process

At Dinomite SEO we pride ourselves on simplicity. Working with our creative team is very easy. In fact you are only 5 steps away from publishing your every own character animation. Here’s how our process works.

1). Define – We conduct an extensive interview with you covering your marketing goals, desired message, sample videos, and total concept idea for the video. 

2). Script – We will compose an entire video script for which we will have you approve. You are also welcome to provide a desired script of your own.

3). Produce- Our team will design, animate, edit, and compose your character animation.

4). Approve – A finished character animation will be delivered for which you can request adjustments and or make recommendations.

5). Publish- We will upload your video to your YouTube channel for easy distribution over the web.
Contact us today and we’ll get started on your character animation video within 24 hours!

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