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SEO Friendly Website Design

DinoMite SEO specializes in SEO friendly website design for small to medium sized businesses and design projects. All of our websites are designed using the WordPress content management system and are built to do three things very well;

  1. Visually attract and impress site visitors
  2. Drive large volumes of website traffic
  3. Convert traffic into sales

SEO Friendly Website Design

Your website is an extension of your brand. It doesn’t matter your industry, your target market demographics, or the products and services you provide. The truth is your website can be your greatest asset or your greatest pitfall.

At DinoMite SEO we want to demonstrate to you how your website can become your biggest asset. As an SEO firm our focus is foremost on SEO friendly website design before appearance. Of course your website should be visually appealing and easy to navigate. But only after it functions to attract website visitors and convert those visitors into leads for your business. After all a pretty website doesn’t do much for the few people who find it on the web. SEO Friendly Web Design

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Why WordPress

When it comes to website design and a content management system nothing beats WordPress. WordPress websites have a core design code and structure that is ideal in the eyes of search engine robots. In fact WordPress is used amongst some of the world’s largest brands which include Sony, Ebay, Yahoo, Ford, The Wall Street Journal, People Magazine, Samsung, The New York Times, CNN, Ben and Jerry’s, and General Electrics.

WordPress hosted websites run fast, provide unlimited design and upgrade possibilities, are user friendly, look professional, are search engine friendly, and are highly customizable. Best of all they are webmaster friendly which means after we design and build your website for you should you decide that you want to be responsible for very basic updates; it will be very easy to teach you how to do so.

WordPress website design projects start at $4500.

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