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Frequently Asked SEO QUESTIONS

The following are SEO questions that we have received in the past. These questions come from clients, community members, and other SEO professionals.

Question 1: “I understand that I need to pick keywords in order to get found. How do I know which ones are best to select?”

Answer: Dinomite SEO will run an analytic of your website to see which keywords you currently rank for, run analytics on your competitors to see what key words they rank for, then discuss with you who your ideal customer is, and work with you to select the most useful keywords to draw the most appropriate visitors to your website.

Question 2: “I understand we can pick out of own keywords for a campaign. Is this correct?

Answer: Yes DinoMite SEO will allow our clients to choose the keywords they wish to rank for. We do like to help make recommendations on the best keywords for your industry based upon search volume for keywords as well as competition levels.

Question 3: “What is on page optimization?”

Answer: On page optimization are the strategic actions taken to make a web page as perfectly optimized as possible for search engine spiders and robots to index and rank accordingly.

Question 4: “What is off page optimization?”

Answer: Off page optimization are the strategic actions taken to help increase the SERP (search engine rank position) for a website for particular keywords. Off page optimization consists of link building, distribution of content around the web, directory submission, social bookmarking, one way link dropping, and more.

Question 5: “What is a Page Title?”

Answer: This is the title you give a particular page. An SEO strategy is to include a primary keyword at the beginning of the page title.

Question 6: “What is Meta Tag Optimization?”

Answer: A Meta Tag is the description of a website on a search engine results page. A Meta Tag describes a website so that a person knows whether they want to click into a website for further information. Meta Tag Optimization are those strategies of using keywords and keyword placement within a Meta Tag so that the corresponding website has a better chance to be a top result for related searches. Meta Tag Optimization also consists of writing an intriguing copy that convinces people to click into your website from a search engine results page. Using a call to action at the end of your meta tag description is a great tactic for increasing click thru rates. For example end a meta tag description with, “Click Here for More Info.”

Question 7: “What is Body Text Optimization?”

Answer: The body text is the writing or text that you see on the webpage.  To optimize the body text you want to make sure the keyword appears as text on the webpage. It used to be that people over used their keywords in order to get noticed more the Google. That is no longer necessary. The text content should read smoothly. When you create original content that relates to your key subject with relating keywords you are optimizing the body of the text.

Question 8: “What is the purpose of installing Google Analytics and Google Webmaster?”

Answer: Google Analytics and Google Webmaster monitor website traffic and provide details on website errors. These tools allow for a deep understanding on how people are using your website, which pages they are viewing, how long they are remaining on you website, percentages on how often people leave your website without clicking on anything (bounce rate), and more.


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