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DinoMite SEO: Unique From the Rest

At DinoMite SEO our goal is simple: To help our clients realize more sales.”
In the end all that counts are sales and profit margin. SEO analytics are only important because we have recognized a direct correlation between online marketing success and business success. It is our feeling that the best way to help grow your business is by improving your online visibility. If you allow for your target customers to find you then no doubt will your sales increase.

DinoMite SEO has helped several businesses double and triple their sales in just a few months time. We understand we operate in a competitive industry and thus we have instituted several principles to help differentiate ourselves from all other SEO firms. DinoMite SEO would like to offer you:

  • A page one of Google ranking guarantee
  • Month to Month Contracts
  • Monthly Traffic Reports
  • Monthly Ranking Reports
  • Up-front Service Reports (Know exactly what you will be receiving)

SEO Results Guarantee

Every SEO campaign comes with a first page of Google ranking guarantee.”
A page one ranking guarantee will have you sleeping easy at night since you know your website will be on page one of Google in a moment’s time. We would like to include that DinoMite SEO only uses white hat SEO strategy. We strictly abide by all search engine regulations and do not recommend using any unethical techniques. Each SEO package comes with an upfront service agreement which details all the work to be completed by our team of specialists each month for the duration of the campaign.

DinoMite SEO Strategy

At DinoMite SEO we treat each client as unique to all others.”
Our strategy is based upon building an infrastructure of online content for which your website will become the single beneficiary. Strategy for your website begins with keyword research. Our tactics stem from carefully analyzing your website, your competition, your industry, search volume for keywords related to your industry, and the competition for particular keywords related to your industry. We aim to select keywords with a high monthly search volume and with low competition levels.

Keyword selection is crucial as it determines how people will find your website and what terms are associated with your brand. It has been our experience that choosing long tail keywords is best. Long tail keywords are keyword phrases that have three or more words to each phrase. An example of a long tailed keyword might be, “San Diego SEO firm” as compared to a generic, “SEO firm”. The benefit of choosing long tailed keyword phrases has to do with the way in which people conduct a search. As a general rule of thumb the more precise a query, the more likely the consumer is ready to purchase.

Take the example of a tourist preparing to buy a new bathing suit for an upcoming vacation. The first time the tourist decides to look online they may type into Google, “bathing suits”. On the front page of results are different websites offering bathing suits for men, women, children, and infants. After the tourist shops around they become more familiar with what they desire. An hour later that same tourist’s search on Google may look like this, “white bikini bathing suit size small”. The tourist knows exactly what they want and has become very specific in their search. The resulting websites are only going to be those which offer a white bikini bathing suit in a size small. Thus you can attract “buyers” to your website instead of “shoppers” by optimizing your site for long tailed keyword phrases. Buyers always search using long tailed keyword phrases since they know exactly what they want.

Keyword research is just the basis of SEO strategy. Content creation and link building is extremely crucial for your page rank and responsible for driving target traffic to your website.

Monthly Ranking Reporting

With every SEO campaign comes a monthly ranking report. At the end of your campaign’s monthly cycle one of our specialists will schedule a phone call with you, the client. The monthly ranking report will detail where you website ranked on Google, Yahoo, and Bing prior of the month and currently where your website ranks at the end of the month. Our specialist will show you how much your website has climbed in the rankings and for which keywords. These ranking reports will be based upon the keywords chosen at the beginning of the campaign for which optimization is to be complete.

Monthly Traffic Reporting

With every SEO campaign comes not only a monthly ranking report but a monthly traffic report. This traffic report will provide statistics and analytics on everything you could want to know about visitors to your website including the bounce rate, average time spent on your site, pages clicked on, landing pages, percentage of new visits, traffic sources, and more. A monthly traffic report is a great metric for the success of an SEO campaign.

Monthly Service Reporting

Search Engine Optimization is often times a foreign language to anybody outside the industry. At DinoMite SEO we provide monthly service reports in order to help our clients understand exactly the work we are doing on their behalf. Learn the basis of our strategy and see exactly what content we created along with every link we built for your website. All SEO firms should offer monthly service reports and those that do not are sending a red flag that they may use black hat techniques a.k.a. illegal strategy according to Search Engines.

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