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Search Engine Optimization Intern – Work Remotely Or In Office

SEO Intern Program 2013- Free Experience

Are you looking for a summer internship for 2013? Perhaps you are simply looking to gain real world experience working for an internet marketing firm before you apply for your first job in the industry? If you are a college student or a working professional looking to dive into internet marketing, Dinomite SEO is looking to mentor enthusiastic and responsible individuals who are interested in learning about PPC management, SEO, web design, and or video production.

About Our Internship

Dinomite SEO is a boutique SEO firm in San Diego and is growing fast. We are looking for interns for the summer of 2013 and are providing you the choice of working from our Carlsbad office or remotely from a desk of your choice. That’s right. Enjoy contributing to our intern program from the comfort of your own home or local coffee shop if this is what you prefer. The location for which you complete assignments can be entirely up to you. Is is the quality of your work that is most important to us and our clients.

Search engine optimization is a skill that is in growing demand in 2013. Internet marketing careers are steadily on the rise and with the completion of our intern program you can feel confident filling an entry SEO Internship -Dinomite SEOlevel position as an SEO manager, SEO account rep, or SEO strategist from anything to a corporate gig to the niche internet marketing startup. For this reason our internship program is unpaid. The knowledge and hands-on experience that you will receive from our program in such a unique industry will pay dividends in no time. Don’t you worry. Should you do an excellent job we may just have a position for you afterwards and should you decide to move on we will surely write you an incredible recommendation.

What does the internship program entail?

Below are a few bullet points of what you should expect from our internship program.

  • Work in office or remotely- your choice!
  • Not required to live in San Diego
  • Unpaid
  • No prior experience necessary
  • 5-10 hours of work per week
  • Access to enterprise marketing tools

Below are a few bullet points of how you will be contributing and what you will be learning.

  • 1x week guest blog post to the Dinomite SEO blog
  • Learn how to create stunning infographics (future employers will be amazed by your talent)
  • Learn how to conduct keyword research ( hands on for real clients)
  • Learn expert tips on which keywords to select
  • Learn the difference between long tail and short tail keywords
  • Learn the difference between local and competitive SEO
  • Learn about website site structure and how it is critical to SEO efforts
  • Learn about keyword density, interlinking of webpages, creation of sitemaps, title tags, meta descriptions, video sitemaps, no-follow and do-follow links, alt tags, hcard implementation, 301 redirects, url rewrites, and more.
  • Learn how to install, read, and use Google analytics and Google webmaster
  • Learn about off-site optimization and link building
  • Learn about anchor text and target URLs
  • Learn about Google, Bing, and Yahoo places and how citations are critical to local rankings

SEO Internship internet marketing

All in all you will learn everything necessary to provide SEO services for yourself, other clients, or on behalf of an employer.

If you are interested please email a short 2 paragraph cover letter and resume to sales@dinomiteseo.com.

Please include in the subject line- “Dinomite SEO Internship 2013”

We look forward to hearing from everyone!

-Dinomite SEO Team

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