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Motive Interactive Case Study

Motive Interactive


Motive Interactive has been a recognized leader in performance marketing and ad solutions since 2003. They work with hundreds of advertisers in many different vertical markets out perform their competition with performance based solutions. In fact Motive Interactive has become an invite-only ad network in order that they provide the most cost effective solutions to the right-fit publishers and advertisers.

Motive Interactive approached Dinomite SEO for search and internet marketing consulting regarding their up and coming website redesign. They had several highly competitive keywords ranking on the first page of Google that they were concerned may drop off the chart once their developer turned their new website live.

The Goal:

To provide step by step guidance and a “hands-on” solution to the developers and web designers of Motive Interactive to ensure a successful website redesign and launch that would maintain current keyword ranking while bettering onsite optimization for future SEO efforts.

The Strategy:

Our strategy began with a comprehensive benchmark of Motive Interactive’s old site. We recorded every single page URL, key onsite content, image, inter-site linking, title tags, meta descriptions, plugins, applications, and even page level keyword density. By having an in-depth and granular understanding of Motive’s old website; we were able to understand the elements that must be included to better on-site SEO efforts on the new site.

Next we created an entire front to back website redesign instruction manual to provide the development team of Motive Interactive. Since SEO was not something Motive’s developers and designers had a keen understanding of, we wanted to provide them a check list of steps that they could read and refer to during this redesign and future redesigns.

Using benchmark data from the old site we helped the Motive web designers duplicate the necessary and key SEO elements on their new site (while in beta) from their old site. We ensured similar onsite linking between pages and content, proper keywoSeo Website Redesign Strategyrd density, correct keyword URL mapping, and more.

Last, we launched the new site with Motive Interactive and immediately took a hands on approach to handling URL redirects, sitemap generation and submission to search engines, Google webmaster notification of a new web property, and more.


The Results: A Successful Redesign Maintaining Keyword Ranking

Prior to working with Dinomite SEO, the development team at Motive Interactive had not had comprehensive training on the elements and strategy that go into a successful redesign and launch of a website with SEO legacy. Working side by side with Dinomite SEO, we were able to become a resource and provide hands on directions and guidance to Motive’s web designers to understand the “internet marketing site” of a website redesign.

The results of the project could nothing short of spectacular. Motive Interactive launched a beautiful and search friendly website that maintained keyword positioning on Google and is primed for further future digital marketing success. Their development and design team walks away with a new understanding of onsite search optimization and several custom instruction manuals on how to complete a design for future reference.

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