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Online advertising is the most effective means to drive immediate results for an online marketing campaign. An online ad campaign will help your local business reach your target market overnight so that new customers will discover your business as quickly as tomorrow. Local Online advertising with Dinomite SEO allows you to set a monthly budget, choose a target market based upon highly specific demographics, and receive consistent optimization and ongoing monitoring from our team of professionals.

Niche Local Advertising Benefits

  • Targeting media by age, gender, interests, & location
  • Localized targeting within 10, 20, or 50 miles of any U.S. Zip Code
  • Same Day Setup and Immediate Launch of Campaign
  • Customized + Flash Animated Banners
  • Mobile friendly banner ads
  • Interactive Banner ads pull real time data from Facebook and real time reviews from Yelp
  • Highly affordable pricing
  • Highly specific reporting metrics including highlighted opportunities, ad exposure, impressions, clicks, click-thru rate, & screenshots for easy to follow insight

Unprecedented Local Advertising Technology

Dinomite SEO uses a custom revolutionary niche local online advertising platform to provide the ultimate ad solution to local businesses. This platform and this technology allows our team to build high converting and highly targeted animated banner advertisements. With our platform we are able to efficiently set niche targeting parameters and quickly choose from a massive partner network of online media that have ad space available in your local market.

Other ad solutions can’t target by city, interest, age, and gender. Dinomite’s niche local ad solution is a hidden gem for local businesses!

Dinomite SEO’s solution allows us to target online media readership by age, gender, location, and interest. Our team of ad professionals then consistently monitor your campaigns and update your creative ads to maximize conversions.

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