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Dominate The Gmat Case Study

Dominate The GMAT


Dominate the GMAT is hailed as one of the best online resources for students in need of online Gmat test prep courses.  The founder of Dominate the GMAT, Brett Ethridge, has helped several hundred students to date find their way into the business school of their choice. His course is a comprehensive self-guided study program which features over 23 hours of instructional video along with textbooks, worksheets, weekly coaching sessions, and numerous full-length GMAT practice tests.

Dominate The Gmat would like thank the team over at Dinomite SEO for helping to keep our website relevant and accessible to our students and prospective clients.”
Brett’s website, DominateTheGmat.com, served as his primary resource for selling his program to students in need of services. After interviewing several SEO firms, Brett hired San Diego SEO firm, DinoMite SEO, due to our extensive understanding and dynamic approach to search engine optimization.

The Goal:

To rank DominateTheGmat.com on page one of Google for several highly competitive industry keywords. To drive large volumes of targeted traffic to Brett’s website with the ultimate goal of increasing sales and providing a desirable ROI.

The Strategy:

To use a combination of on-site optimization as well as off-site optimization strategies to lead Dominate The GMAT towards becoming one of the most readily available online resources for GMAT test preparation. The DinoMite SEO team implemented on-site optimization techniques steadily for a month which included URL mapping, interlinking of webpages, meta tag creation, website content analysis and keyword additions, implementing appropriate 301 URl redirects, image alt-tag analysis, user sitemap creation, keyword footer creation, Google XML sitemap creation and installation, Google geo location implementation, Yahoo XML sitemap creation and installation, Bing XML sitemap creation and installation, Robots.txt upload, backlink analyzation, and competitor link analyzation.

After on-site optimization was complete our team felt comfortable that Brett’s website would act as a great foundation for moving forward with off-site optimization and a very competitive link building campaign.

The Results: 7 Keywords on Page 1 of Google in 4 Months!

At the start of the campaign DominateTheGmat.com had only 1 keyword of 20 that ranked on the first 2 pages of Google. Within just 4 months time DinoMite SEO has helped DominateTheGmat.com to now boast 7 keywords ranking on page one of Google with 11 keywords ranking on page 2 of Google. That said, 18 or 20 keywords have hit page one or two of Google within 4 months time! DominateTheGmat.com is on track to have 15 of 20 keywords on page one of Google by the end of month 5.

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